Measures to take to keep yourself safe at work

Accidents can happen at any time, anywhere – even in the workplace. Because of this, it is important to be aware of the potential health and safety risks and hazards so that you know how to protect yourself from injury or illness. Here are some useful measures you can take to ensure your safety at work: Continue reading “Measures to take to keep yourself safe at work” »

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Dealing With Dangerous Chemicals: How To Ensure You’re Protected

There’s clearly a big risk associated with handling some of the substances that are deployed by businesses in an industrial setting. Jobs in manufacturing, engineering, medical and chemical research and many other fields could, without due care and attention, put workers in harm’s way. That’s why businesses must ensure they’re doing all they can to be protected against the potential hazards that come through working with chemicals.

But, what should you do to avoid injuries and accidents that could prove costly from a financial, emotional and reputational point of view? Continue reading “Dealing With Dangerous Chemicals: How To Ensure You’re Protected” »

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How to Prepare for a Career in Health and Safety

Every employer in the UK has health and safety responsibilities as do many other organizations, in particular those which allow the public onto premises which they manage. This means that there are numerous opportunities for those wishing to make a career in this area. There does, however, seem to be some confusion about how to get the proverbial foot in the door, so here are some tips. Continue reading “How to Prepare for a Career in Health and Safety” »

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