work-stress-and-fatigueStress and fatigue at work is caused by a number of things but predominantly comes down to situations where the requirements of your job outweigh your available resources. A range of factors can contribute to stress in a working environment including: working long hours, no job satisfaction, low levels of control, job insecurity, conflict, bullying and discrimination.

Being stressed or extremely tired at work can negatively impact your quality of work, as well as your life at home. Here are a few changes you can make to try and find a balance:

Walk it off

Exercise has been proven to lower stress levels, simply because you produce endorphins as you exercise – otherwise known as the happy hormone. According to Harvard Health, exercise has the unique ability to exhilarate and relax, stimulate and calm while preventing depression and dissipating stress. If you aren’t a keen runner, don’t worry; even a brisk walk will reduce the stress hormones pent up inside your body.

Talk it away

Talking to a friend or a colleague can be really therapeutic for stress sufferers. You will usually find that everyone is in the same boat and you aren’t alone. If you’d rather not share with people you’re close to that you’re struggling, speak to your local GP about counselling and therapy available on the NHS.

Consider your situation

If you’re finding your work is over strenuous for someone of your size and build, it’s time to talk to HR. There are strict guidelines when it comes to transporting and supporting loads known as The Manual Handling Operations Regulations. You will find that simple adjustments to your daily working life, such as implementing the use of high quality castor wheels on heavy items that could be transported by pushing or pulling will make a huge difference, you can visit the Tente website for more information.

Hold off decisions

If you’re stressed at work it’s best to try and avoid making difficult decisions at home. If you’re saving to buy a house for example, wait until you’ve sorted out your situation at work. However, if you think that your working environment is impossible to deal with you may find that looking for something new gives you the determination and drive to fight any stress or fatigue.

Take your holiday

Make sure that you take the assigned holiday given to you and use it to forget about work. That means taking no electronic work related devices with you or sneaking glimpses of your work emails. All you need to do is thoroughly prepare before you set off and keep those around you in the loop. Katie Driver who writes for The Telegraph offers some help on how you can switch off on holiday if you’re struggling.

Try out some of these tips and feel better about your everyday working life, stress and fatigue is harmful to health so it’s important you spot the signs and tackle the issue head on.