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How to Write the Perfect Health and Safety Cover Letter


A cover letter is one of the most underused tools in the arsenal of the job seeker. While your CV is the place to outline the key aspects of your education and experience, your cover letter is your opportunity to directly relate your skills and experience to the job description in advance […]

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What Kind of CV Are You Submitting?


If you are like the majority of job seekers and submit the same CV to every health and safety job application, then this blog post is for you.

There are two types of CV’s which you might submit; the ‘speculative’ and ‘targeted’. Knowing which version of your CV to use will help to improve your chances of success. Continue reading “What Kind of CV Are You Submitting?” »

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CV Tips for Health and Safety Job Applications

Your CV is the single most important tool at your disposal in the job market and it has a big job to do. It needs to summarise a lifetime of personal knowledge, personality traits and achievements in a single short document. No small feat.

Successful job applications start with your CV, so it’s essential to get both the content and presentation right to maximise your chances of success.

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What You Need To Know About Evacuation Chairs


As a Health and Safety Manager, you know that the evacuation a building in the event of an emergency is critical in ensuring the health and safety of everyone inside. This is especially important when taking into consideration that there may be people with a disability or impaired mobility in-side.

It is your responsibility to ensure everybody can make a safe escape by offering suitable escape plans and equipment, such as an evacuation chair. Continue reading “What You Need To Know About Evacuation Chairs” »

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The Spanish Health & Safety System

The Spanish health and safety system is something rather complicated. First of all, to be understood, you must be conscious that their philosophical approach is paternalistic, where the focus is on what is done or not done, rather than the results and where the employer is the most responsible for it.

It is a highly bureaucratized system where everything has a legal screen and for some years very judicial. It is already very difficult to find Health & Safety Advisors who have not passed through a court due to some accident.

It is a great paradox where the people most concerned with Health and Safety are the most aggrieved by the system.
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Preparing for an Interview

Effective interview preparation will help you to secure your ideal role, progress your career and achieve your full potential. However, many people find interviews to be uncomfortable and stressful because they are being asked to discuss their personal situation in an unfamiliar environment.

Perhaps you feel uneasy at the prospect of attempting to “sell yourself” to a prospective employer, particularly when you don’t make a habit of telling complete strangers how wonderful you are! The good news is that there are some really simple things you can do (and avoid) to maximise your chances of securing your next health and safety job. Continue reading “Preparing for an Interview” »

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Health & Safety: The Legal Facts You Need to Know

Health & safety laws exist to protect everyone in the working environment, and should therefore be stringently adhered to. By ensuring that the following legislation is complied with at all times, your company will be a safe place for employees. Continue reading “Health & Safety: The Legal Facts You Need to Know” »

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Industrial Safety Practices That Cannot Be Ignored In Today’s Workplace

Workplace safety has become a hot-button issue in every industry. According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 3 million non-life threatening injuries occurred in the workplace in 2014. The good news is, that figure is 54,000 less than it was in 2013.

We can quote statistics until the cows come home, but the bottom line is, companies still have to work very hard to minimize the risk of injuries to their employees. Three million represents only a small segment of the population, but it is still a large enough number to draw attention to safety issues that are often ignored in many workplaces. Continue reading “Industrial Safety Practices That Cannot Be Ignored In Today’s Workplace” »

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At The Sharp End Of Safety – How To Select Fall Arrest Equipment For Unique Risk Protection

The HSE, who publish detailed statistics every year regarding the number of injuries and deaths within different industries, released data last year* that stated that over 40% of all fatal injuries from 2013 to 2014 were caused as a result of falls from height. On top of this startling figure, 581 falls were recorded during that same time period which caused specified or major injuries.

We all know, however, that these incidents can always be avoided, and the risk certainly lowered, by properly researching, acquiring and using the correct safety equipment for any given situation. Continue reading “At The Sharp End Of Safety – How To Select Fall Arrest Equipment For Unique Risk Protection” »

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How can effective Workwear & PPE lead to a more efficient business output

What employees wear for work can have a major impact on business output. Eva Kaplan-Leiserson claims, “The way you look directly affects the way you think, feel, and act… When you dress down, you sit down-the couch potato trend. Manners break down, you begin to feel down, and you’re not as effective.” Along with work performance, employees can feel unhappy at work if they feel like their life is vulnerable to workplace hazards.

It’s important to ensure your employees are wearing the correct clothing and they have any specialist workwear they need to conduct their job safely. If employees feel like their employer cares about their wellbeing, the efficiency of business output will improve.

There are many ways effective workwear and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can help lead to a more efficient business: Continue reading “How can effective Workwear & PPE lead to a more efficient business output” »

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