In our most recent survey, 35% of respondents stated that they would move job for better prospects, 11% would be attracted by company culture, 27% for increased job security and 24% would move for a better work / life balance. The remaining 3% cited increased salary as the primary reason for looking for a new role.

These results have remained largely unchanged for the past 12 months and clearly demonstrate that job-seekers are focused on finding an organisation that can offer a positive, secure working environment. A massive 89% of respondents indicated that they now have enough confidence in the market to consider a career move.

When you decide it’s time to start looking for a new role, it’s important to first understand your motivations for moving. Being really clear on why you want to move and what you want to achieve will help to focus your search and give you a real sense of purpose. When you attend interviews, you will find that potential employers often ask why you are looking to move or why you want the job – clear, positive, career-focused answers will help you to improve your chances of securing your ideal role.

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