Most job-seekers begin their search online using specialist and generalist online job-boards to get an overview of the market, identify potential opportunities and make contact with employers and agencies. The main problem with applying for jobs online is that thousands of other job-seekers are doing exactly the same thing, and this leads to employers and agencies receiving hundreds of responses for a single role.

The application process can become impersonal and the volume of applications leads to a situation where recruiters need to make an initial decision based solely on your CV, meaning it’s increasingly important to ensure that your CV is well presented and clearly demonstrates your abilities.

When searching for a new role, you should make use of employer websites, specialist agencies, trade press, networking events and online networking forums to ensure that you have the best possible market coverage. Using a combination of techniques will ultimately help to ensure that you don’t miss out on your ideal job.

With the number of application routes available to job-seekers, it’s really important to keep focused, only applying for roles where you meet the criteria set out in the job description. Applying for jobs indiscriminately can mean that you are overwhelmed with calls about unsuitable opportunities and this may damage your professional credibility – focusing on a few, suitable vacancies and building up a good working relationship with a specialist agency is the most effective way of finding a new job.

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